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Create calendar entries with a single keystroke

copy2calendar searches selected text for date and time specifications. With a single keystroke you create calendar entries in Microsoft® Outlook® and Lotus Notes®.

copy2calendar Screenshot


Easy to use

copy2calendar makes copying appointment text to your calendar as easy as using the clipboard:

      1. Select the text containing the appointment information (including date and time)

      2. Press Ctrl-C twice

      3. copy2calendar launches your calendar and creates the new entry.

Microsoft® Outlook® and Lotus Notes®

copy2calendar can create calendar entries in three major applications:
  • Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Lotus Notes®
Contact us to suggest other calendar applications for future versions.

Use it from any application

copy2calendar is integrated with the clipboard. You can use it to create calendar entries and appointments from
  • your email software
  • your web browser
  • Office applications
  • and much more

Usage examples

In addition to many other situations, copy2calendar is particularly useful for the following tasks:
  • Copy appointment information from email messages
  • Copy flight times from reservation confirmations
  • Copy train connections from timetables
  • Copy events from newsletters and online agendas
  • Copy closing times of internet auctions

Source information added automatically

copy2calendar automatically adds source information to the calendar entry:
  • Name of the document and application from which the data was copied
  • Source URL when copying from websites

type2calendar - type new calendar entries

type2calendar allows you to create new calendar entries faster and easier. Simply enter your appointment information as free form text. copy2calendar automatically converts it into a calendar entry.
Convert text into a calendar entry with type2calendar.

Avoid errors, save time, be more productive

copy2calendar eliminates errors when copying important appointment information manually.
What you have to do WITHOUT copy2calendar:
  • Memorise date and time
  • Launch Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • Change to calendar view
  • Browse for appointment’s date/time (still remember it?)
  • Click on the appointment's time
  • Create the new calendar entry
  • in the subject text
What you can do WITH copy2calendar:
  • Select the text containing the appointment information
  • Press Ctrl-C twice and confirm copy2calendar's suggestion - that's all!

Download contactCopy and evaluate it without limitations for 30 days.

Download Size: 4.6MB
System requirements:
- Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7
- Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes

For non commercial use, you can request a free personal license using this form.


See the contactCopy online help for screenshots - and in detail product information.


copy2calendar includes a highly sophisticated recognition engine (parser) that analyzes your text for date and time information. It understands all common formats a human reader would understand.

Examples for date and time specifications:
  • tomorrow 5pm
  • the day after tomorrow from 9:00 till 10:30h
  • from Thu. 1st till Fri. 2nd Feb. 11
  • 9 h 30
  • 9:00 till 10:00
  • Tuesday the 8th of August at 5pm
  • 08AUG2011
  • MON 08-AUG-11
  • TUE 2011-02-01 5:00:00 pm
  • 20090201
  • on Sunday
  • 1/10 9-10:30 PM

13 languages recognized

In addition to language independent (numeric) date and time specifications, it understands them in 13 languages:
  • Catalan
    demà 9 a 10'30 h
  • Danish
    i morgen klo. 9 til 10.30
  • Dutch
    morgen van 9 tot 10u30
  • English
    tomorrow from 9 to 10.30 a.m.
  • Finnish
    huomenna kl 9-10.30
  • French
    demain de 9 à 10h30
  • German
    morgen 9 bis 10:30h
  • Icelandic
    á morgun kl 9 til 10.30
  • Italian
    domani dalle ore 9 alle ore 10.30
  • Norwegian
    i morgen kl. 9-10.30
  • Portugese
    amanhã, 9 ás 10.30 horas
  • Spanish
    mañana 9 a 10.30h
  • Swedish
    i morgon kl 9 till 10.30

copy2calendar lets you choose the correnct interpretation when an ambiguous date/time specification is found.

The date and time parser can be configured to handle virtually any date and time format.

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