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ContactCopy settings

Tab sheet "Target applications"

Select the target application, to which ContactCopy should export data. The following export targets are available:

Contact LoquiSoft, to suggest additional export targets for future versions of ContactCopy.

Click on Clone to duplicate the selected export target. This allows you to create several export targets for one target application. Each export target has its own settings.

In order to copy data to distinct Outlook target folders, clone the original Outlook export target (or create a new one). In each cloned target, change the Outlook folder, to which ContactCopy should export, and name the new export target appropriately.

Click on Name & Hotkey to rename the export target, or to assign a hotkey

For each export target, you can specify a Direct copy hotkey. When pressing this hotkey in any Windows application, ContactCopy will directly export the recognized data to this target.

If you un-check Before export, verify or edit data in ContactCopy window, ContactCopy will immediately export the recognized data to the target application, without letting you edit or verify the parsing result.

Tab sheet "Contact parser"

Country information

Here you may select the sources from which ContactCopy should extract the country information of a contact record.
ContactCopy uses this information to add

  • the country name to a postal address
  • the country prefix to phone numbers

Email addresses: The country information from the country domain of email addresses will be used
Example: office@company.co.uk -> .uk stands for United Kingdom
Note: Top level domains that do not represent a country (.com, .org, .net, etc.) will be ignored.

Website addresses: The country information from the country domain of website addresses will be used
Example: www.company.co.uk -> .uk stands for United Kingdom
Note: Top level domains that do not represent a country (.com, .org, .net, etc.) will be ignored.

International and fax numbers: The country information phone numbers with an international prefix will be used. ContactCopy considers phone numbers international if they start with one of the specified Prefixes. Example:
0044 30 5555555 -> 44 is the country code for the United Kingdom

Place name database: If a contact contains a street address, the country will be determined based on a database of known place names. When the same place name occurs in several countries (e.g., "Bergen" in Germany, the Netherlands or Norway), the postal code is used to determine the country.

Add missing country names: Select the language, in which the name of the country will be added to the address.

Translate existing country names: Activate this setting, to translate country names in foreign languages to your language.

Phone numbers

Here you can specify if and how the format of phone numbers should be modified or standardized.

Standardize phone number format: Activate this setting if you wish to standardize phone numbers.

Prefix: Select the desired format of the prefix. The _ character represents a space. This setting only affects phone numbers in countries, in which prefixes or area codes are used. (e.g., U.K., U.S.A., Germany, the Netherlands; not France).

Remove from number - optional characters: Activate this setting to replace with a space character any character in the phone number that doed not represent a digit. With the following setting, these spaces can be removed from the string:

Remove from number - spaces: Activate this setting to remove optional space characters from the phone number.

Make all phone numbers international: Activate this setting to automatically add the country prefix to all phone numbers, if not already there.
This setting requires that a contact record contains country information. See Country information above for details.

If NO country information is found: Here you can select which country prefix should be added if no country information was found in the contact record. See Country information above for details on how ContactCopy determines the country of a contact.

Auto-detect mobile phone numbers by prefix: Activate this setting to determine from its prefix if a phone number represents a cell phone number.


Specify if ContactCopy should extract a person's name from email addresses of type
Firstname.Lastname@domain.com or

Text replacement rules

Text replacement rules allow you to modify the original text before it is processed by the contact data parser.
See Text replacement rules for details.

Click apply text replacement rules to turn All text replacement rules on or off.

Tab sheet "General"

ContactCopy Hotkey

Specify the key combination with which ContactCopy can be called after selecting text.

To change the hotkey, proceed as follows:

  • Click on the hotkey field.
  • Press the desired hotkey on the keyboard.

This hotkey can be used from any Windows application, provided that

  • No other application uses the ContactCopy hotkey
  • The application supports copying data to the clipboard using Ctrl-C
Launch ContactCopy at Windows start-up: activate this setting to automatically start ContactCopy when the current user logs in to Windows
Show ContactCopy Toolbar: Shows or hides the ContactCopy toolbar

Add to body of contact item:
Select which additional information about the source application or document from which the contact information was copied should be added to the body of the contact item. The following information is available:
  • Title of the source window
  • Name of the source application
  • Source URL: only when copying from websites
  • Source text: the selected text
  • Unrecognized information: text that was not recognized as contact items

Tab sheet "Maintenance"

Click Change license information to enter a license key purchased online or to update the current license information.

Check for updates now checks if newer versions of ContactCopy are available for download.

Automatically check for updates every N days automatically performs an update check after the specified time.