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What is contactCopy?

With contactCopy, you copy contact information (name, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) from emails, websites, office documents and more to your personal contact database with just a mouse click.

Contact data can be exported to the following target applications:

Contact LoquiSoft to suggest other target applications for future versions of ContactCopy.


After installing ContactCopy on your computer, it runs in the background. Proceed as follows to copy contacts to your database:

1. Select the text containing the contact information.
2. Click on the ContactCopy toolbar
    OR press the ContactCopy Hotkey
    OR click on the ContactCopy tray icon (bottom-right of the screen, next to the system clock) and select "Process selected text...".
3. ContactCopy displays the result of the contact data analysis.
4. Export the contact to your target database by clicking the "Export" button.
Use the ContactCopy tray icon (bottom right next to the system clock) to configure ContactCopy's settings.

Contact data analysis (parser)

At the core of ContactCopy is a powerful contact information parser, which automatically analyzes text and "understands" the meaning of each contact information item.
See Contact information parser for details on that subject.


See Settings for information on ContactCopy's configuration options.

Order, support, contact

See http://www.loquisoft.com for current product information, ContactCopy order links and the LoquiSoft support area.